Ideas are not rare! Especially the bad ones! It’s all in the execution! blah blah blah. 
In this current entrepreneurial renaissance, how many times have we all heard that
line being spewed like it’s this profound thought, when really it's pretty much
just common sense? 

There seems to be this tendency or myth that if we have a great idea we should hang
on and nurture it. We wait until it’s just right before showing the world. All the while,
we must keep our brilliant idea quiet because if not, mean ole’ Slugworth will steal
our super-secret Gobstopper recipe.

The thing is, this thinking puts us at a devastating disadvantage. 

Think about it: If most ideas flat out stink, and we take more time to figure out
whether that’s the case or not, simple math says the probability of coming across a
good one drops. 

The key to producing high-quality ideas with successful results is to actually do
the work. (A lot of it.) When we do this, bad ideas tend to naturally fall aside as the
good ones float to the top. 

Jack London had a similar philosophy on ideas when he said “You can’t wait for
inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”

The more we do the work, the better we get at what we do. We can then start to
sway the odds in our favor. The key is in action and we must not get stopped by
putting our ideas on a pedestal.