Everyone procrastinates. Some do more than others, but to some varying degree, you and everyone you know is a procrastinator. 

Procrastination is often associated with laziness which I would argue, in most cases, could not be further from the truth. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling lazy I don’t procrastinate, I just don’t do anything. For me procrastination sometimes looks something like me organizing my bookshelf by genre and color despite having a deadline looming. Or deciding I simply can’t start work on something until my apartment is entirely spotless. If I were procrastinating out of laziness I would NOT be scrubbing my bathtub, this I can assure you. 

Fear is the driving force behind much of our idling. We often put things off to avoid the possibility of hardship or failure and we don't even know we're doing it.

The distinction between laziness and procrastination is an important one. As is often the case, understanding WHY we do the things we do is essential to improving on HOW we go about doing them. 

Using this awareness and understanding, that despite our best efforts we will still procrastinate from time to time, we can design HOW we procrastinate. Need to blow off some steam before sitting down to code for 6 hours? Go for a run or play your favorite sport. Put a responsible time limit on it and go! Stuck on a branding project? Take a minute for yourself, pour a cup of coffee and work on your drawing skills.

The point is - we’re going to procrastinate from time to time no matter what. We should try our best to keep putting tasks or projects off to minimum, but when the inevitable happens, take advantage and do something of value. When you hit a wall and need a distraction don’t play video games or take a nap; exercise or do some billing, follow up with an old client or write a blog post about using procrastination to your advantage to create content for your company’s website. 

Taking time away from a project isn’t ideal, but when we have to, we should do our best to not waste it. We should try our best to procrastinate productively.